Frequently Asked Questions - AuguStar Life

Frequently Asked Questions - AuguStar Life

Ohio National’s life insurance business is rebranding to AuguStar Life. This Frequently Asked Questions document addresses many questions you may have regarding the rebrand.

Q: What is happening?
Ohio National has undergone a significant transformation and is repositioning and rebranding its life insurance business to AuguStar Life.

Q: Why are you rebranding?
This follows a comprehensive transformation for our company which positions us to deliver superior products and simplified experiences. Today, we are a different company: with new ownership, a rock-solid balance sheet, and operations led by experienced, market-tested leadership teams laser-focused on future growth our life insurance business.

The corporate transformation and our new strategy for growth provided the catalyst for the rebranding. The rebrand reflects a contemporary identity embodying our strategy and our dedication to guiding individuals toward brighter financial futures.

Q: What is Constellation Insurance?
Constellation Insurance, Inc. (Constellation) is the parent company of AuguStar Life and is backed by two of the largest pension plans in North America, CDPQ and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (Ontario Teachers’). Because of their long-term approach to investing, Constellation has the financial strength to support our long-term success.

Q: Is AuguStar Life financially strong? Can I count on them for my future financial needs?
The 2022 acquisition of Ohio National by Constellation provides the newly branded AuguStar Life with a solid foundation for growth. Backed by two of the largest pension plans in North America, Constellation takes a long-term approach to investing and is fully committed to AuguStar’s success.

As of December 31, 2022, Constellation’s family of insurance companies has over $34 billion in total assets under management. Constellation’s investors and equal partners, CDPQ and Ontario Teachers’, are two of North America’s largest long-term institutional investors, managing over C$650 billion in net assets, including over C$140 billion in private capital investments.

Q: Why did you choose the name AuguStar – does it mean anything?
The AuguStar name reflects a modern and contemporary identity embodying energy and dedication to serving financial professionals and policyholders. “AuguStar” signifies the organization’s commitment to guiding you toward a brighter financial future while paying homage to our parent company, Constellation Insurance.

We want to offer a different experience for both the financial advisor and the consumer – one that is welcoming, fun and inspiring. Our clients deserve to be excited about their financial decisions and put their trust in products and services they can count on and, quite frankly, understand.

Q: How do you pronounce AuguStar?
AuguStar is a combination of august and star, pronounced “ah-gus-star.”

Q: How does this impact existing policyholders?
Your current policies remain secure and unchanged, and we are steadfast in our commitment to uphold our promises to you, our policyholders. Our transformation and rebranding position us to deliver superior products and simplified experiences. These changes build on our rich 100+ year history and enable us to continue to meet your current and future needs.

We assure you that though our name and brand are changing, we are committed to making the transition to AuguStar Life as seamless as possible. You can continue to rely on the same trusted financial professional(s) who has assisted you throughout your journey.

Q: If I have questions, who can I call?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rebranding, contact the customer service team, who will be happy to answer your questions by calling 800.366.6654 or emailing

As always, please get in touch with your financial professional to help you with your financial planning needs.

We are genuinely excited about this new chapter and grateful for your continued trust and support. AuguStar Life is committed to providing for your current and future protection needs. Thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you as AuguStar Life.

Products are issued by The Ohio National Life Insurance Company and Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation, expected to officially change their names to AuguStar Life Insurance Company and AuguStar Life Assurance Corporation, respectively, in the fourth quarter of 2023.