Whole life

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance provides permanent death-benefit protection with a savings component that builds cash value and pays dividends.

You can access your cash value through policy loans to help cover unexpected expenses, pay college costs or use as a retirement income supplement. 

What is whole life insurance?

Finding the right whole life insurance policy means asking yourself how much and how long you want to pay to keep that protection.

The protection and flexibility of whole life insurance can make a big difference in any financial plan, but many wonder about how to fit the premiums in their budget. Prestige Protector is a whole life insurance policy that can meet your need for lower premiums with the protection and benefits of whole life insurance. While the potential cash value and dividends may be less than other whole life insurance policies, you still have the ability to secure permanent protection. You can pair your whole life insurance policy with term life insurance to help meet your changing protection needs at any life stage.
You may want to take advantage of your financial ability to secure whole life insurance over a short period of time. You just need the right opportunity. A limited-pay whole life insurance policy allows you to make premium payments for a set amount of time, and after that time is up, the premiums end but your lifetime protection doesn’t. Talk to your financial professional about our limited-pay whole life insurance options—Prestige 10 Pay 3 (10-year premium period) and Prestige Max 4 (premiums to age 65).
Sometimes it’s not about how many premiums you pay, but rather how much protection and distribution opportunities you can create. Whole life policies at AuguStar Life have the ability to be molded with the addition of riders to fit a specific design or financial need. For more information on some of the riders available to add to your whole life insurance policy, please see the Living benefits of RIDERS section.

Whole life insurance can help you:

Provide a death benefit

Your loved ones get a guaranteed, tax advantaged death benefit if you die

Secure guaranteed premiums

Your policy premiums will never increase, but may be reduced or eliminated

Build cash value

Your premiums and potential dividends create cash value that you can access for future financial needs, including retirement

Want to learn more about whole life insurance?

Living benefits of RIDERS

Withdrawals may reduce the death benefit, cash surrender value and any living benefit amount.