Important documents for estate executors to locate

Important documents for estate executors to locate

As you work through the planning process of closing out your loved one’s estate, you may struggle with where to begin.

Here are some important documents that you should locate to help you be prepared for filing claims or meeting with the estate attorney.

  • Certified death certificate
  • Last Will and Testament and trust documents
  • Social Security card
  • Individual and group life insurance policies
  • Disability income, annuity and property insurance policies
  • Safety deposit box number, location and key
  • Birth certificates of all surviving children
  • Marriage and/or divorce papers
  • Name and phone numbers of current employer
  • Employer benefit plans, pension plan and 401(k)
  • Real estate papers, such as deeds and mortgage documents
  • Important tax documents
  • Statements for all bank accounts
  • Automobile titles/registrations
  • Instructions for funeral proceedings
  • Deed to cemetery plot
  • Military service serial number and dates of entry and discharge
  • Veteran’s benefits

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