General questions
If you are having any issues relating to assistive technology, learn more about reporting issues in our Accessibility Statement.
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A contract owner can reset their online password by using the “Forgot Password” link. This will send a temporary password to the email address on file and resets the online account if too many invalid login attempts have occurred. If further assistance is needed, please call us to speak with a product specialist.
A contract owner can sign up for e-delivery when registering online. For contracts that already have access online, this can be managed once logged in. Please note: Ohio National call centers can't activate e-delivery for you, but we can walk you through the process. A valid email address is required to sign up for e-delivery. While you are able to elect e-delivery for all document types, some are still sent via mail, but will be sent electronically once available.
Ticker symbols refer to only retail stocks and mutual funds that are sold directly to the public in the financial marketplace.
The accounts within our variable annuity, variable universal life insurance and group variable annuity policies/contracts do not have ticker symbols.
Your premium or purchase payments have been allocated to portfolios within the insurance company's separate account. An insurance company separate account is not a duplicate of a retail mutual fund. Separate accounts may invest in retail, institutional, sub-advised or variable insurance mutual funds. The separate account and retail fund may have the same name, but the underlying assets in the investment may not be the same, the pool of money may be separate, the expenses may be different and, in some cases, the people who manage the underlying investments may be different.
For information on Ohio National’s investment options, please request a monthly performance report or a quarterly portfolio profile. These reports and profiles are available on our website by logging into your online account and completing a search for either “Performance Reports” or “Portfolio Profiles.”